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Hello, welcome to my little slice of tumblr. I am Nyx and this is my crazy multifandom blog.

Rule 1: always post the rules.

Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.

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I was tagged by – iminamanu

1. Why are you following me? Because you are my friend, and you blog stuff I like

2. If you could hang out with your doppleganger for a day what would you do? PLAY ALL THE PRANKS

3. If you could hang out with your favourite celebrity for 3 days what would you do? And whozzit? I’d probably hang out with Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice) and I’d like to go to Liverpool and some other places in England with her. That would be cool.

4. You wake up as a pickle. What is your reaction? I lie there, because I am a pickle, and I can no longer move, or make noises.

5. What is your most artistic skill and how did it come to be so? Umm, probably drawing hands? And I don’t know, I just do it

6. Your friend is going out with somebody that you think is an absolute a—hat. What do you do? Take them aside and tell them. In the end, they have to make their own choice, but I would feel it necessary to at least tell them

7. Talk about your OTP and why. Which show, book otherwise? And I love my otps because they work, each in their own way.

8. Talk about your Brotp and why. Off the top of my head? Lestrade and John, who go drinking and complain about work and Holmes and all that

9. Speak in detail of your hate of a certain colour even if you don’t have one you hate. Too lazy

10. Your favourite gay actor. JOHN BARROWMAN

11. The weirdest food/ food combo that you like. I don’t know, cause I probably don’t think it’s weird

1.Show you’d like to watch 2.OTP in the last show or movie you watched 3.Book you would suggest people read 4. If we could spend a day doing something, what would we be doing ? 5. Favorite hobby? 6. What does the number 6 mean to you? 7.New Year’s Resolution? 8.Accent you wish you had/language you wish you spoke 9.Movie you’d like to see 10.Feature you wish tumblr had 11.Dream vacation spot

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